In my journey, I’ve discovered something recently. I may not understand everything about recalibration and shifts and downloads… Don’t even know what they all mean in the bigger scheme of things. I see posts about them everywhere… Articles… And I was wondering “why am I different?” Why am I not “tapped in”; aware of these “precepts”, these “words”? My ego wanted to feel badly; like maybe I don’t belong. Maybe I’m just to
spiritually immature to understand.  
But this morning, I saw this quote and remembered something Spirit told me a little while back: “What is greater? To be the giver of the gift…. Or the gift itself? BE the gift”. I have been reminded on more than one occasion.  
This morning I am more aware of what The Divine meant. I Am that I Am. The Giver of the Gift is Source. We ARE the gift itself. If we just allow what IS to be, then all the downloading, the shifting, the calibrating will occur whether it is understood or not.  
Maybe I’m not meant to understand these things yet; maybe Spirit speaks to me and through me of other things. I don’t know yet. But I know Spirit speaks and I see, I hear, I know and I feel. I know that the words that come forth from me are more often than not not my own and I know that I could not love with the capacity I do if it were not of The Divine. I know that every breath I take is a gift and that my perception is becoming that of Divinity and not of myself. I know I cry out of gratitude and release and joy. Boy do I cry. And I know that my grateful heart is also a gift. I know of prophecy, of empathy and telepathy and healing. And I know that there is a purpose for this lifetime… Whatever it may be. I know I am not a mistake or an accident and that every step I take leads me closer to where I am destined to be.  
A friend asked us what gifts we see evolving (I’m paraphrasing my beautiful friend) and for a long moment.. I was afraid to answer. Afraid I didn’t know HOW to answer. That I didn’t understand what everyone else does. My ego screamed at me that I didn’t get it! That I was an ant in a Cosmos of Spiritual Giants. Then Spirit quietly spoke and said “even an ant carries more than its own weight”. “Ants build colonies”. “Ants work together for a collective purpose to accomplish what may seem to be an insurmountable task”.  
For me, I am learning to “be” whatever I AM to be… Have always been meant to “be”. And I AM learning to be content in the state where with I find myself, moment to moment. Someone once wrote “comparison is violence against ones own soul”. I know of this as well as I have engaged in it more times than I can count. But I also now know that I cannot participate in comparing myself to others for my souls sake. 

Please do NOT misunderstand. I do not for one moment believe my friend’s beautiful mind brought forth the question to cause us to compare anything! But to share what we now understand and learn from each other. We all hold a piece of the TRUTH. I believe your love and compassion provoked a question to be answered in self awareness and lesson learning that we are all blessed to be experiencing. I believe that in me, it brought forth a realization of acceptance rather than discontent and a love of self that I am growing into. A realization that whether an “ant” or not… I am still a part of the whole, a spark of The Divine. And for me…. That is something that has taken me almost 57 years to learn.  
So, I thank you my luminous friend for asking the question. Because it allowed for a beautiful affirmation and more lessons for me. For more understanding and for the creation of a greater, deeper relationship with my Creator. I am grateful for what is being cultivated among us and for the friendships I am making. I am grateful I am finding pieces of myself along the way and bringing them with me. And I am so very grateful for Spirit’s LOVE and gifts of those sent to me to let me know I am not alone; that I am indeed that which I always searched for… Home

In love and light💖✨💜⚜💞🌟💖

What do I pray for?

When you ask, the Universe answers. As consciousness and awareness shift (I think I’m learning what this new word “shift” means), my focus is becoming less and less about me and more about the Collective. Actually, it involves revelation about me as my ego is faced with exposure and I am learning to love even those thoughts and parts of me that bring tears to my eyes. I am learning that they need love; that they’re coming out of hiding to be transformed as my mind is renewed. And in this, they become integrated into the “We”, the “Us”, the “One”, allowing for more space for the “All”.  
When I was told to “pray more”, I began to understand. And yet, this morning I am given an even more specific answer. In order to transmute a thought, one must indeed change its frequency. Heighten it’s vibration. Infuse it with love and light and purpose it for the soul’s highest good; the highest good of ALL. Each thought is the Creative seed of that which it is to become. Nurture it with the Divine and it will indeed manifest. It is the same with each soul. There is no difference: both are the Creative.  

My wisdom this morning comes from a quote that could not be infused with any more clarity, love and Divine Light. It is the deeper answer to my “prayer” guest. It is the blossoming flower of the seed planted in that powerful word “pray more”. And from it shall come thousands upon thousands of seeds that the Breath of Life will gently blow upon, spreading through the Universe to be planted wherever needed most.  

“Pray more”. “Listen to yourself”. I am learning that surrender to the Divine Spirit is the greatest freedom of all and the dissolving of that “separation” ego-lie into the One Mind, One Thought.  

“Sanction things with your love.

Wish the best outcome for someone.

Petition for Karmic clemency on their behalf

Take someone else’s problems to your God and say, Please, what can we do?” ~ Danielle LaPorte

Pray more. Without ceasing. Pray more.

The Peacock

Perfect timing sings the bird of Revelation and Love.  “You are exactly where you should BE;  this is your “time”.  It is the age of wisdom and dignity; honor this as you would yourself.  It IS yourself”.

To be blessed with gifts that have been hidden for far too long has silenced the voice.  Songs from before the beginning that have been crying to be heard can now be sung as the Great Composer intended.  It is indeed time….time to unveil the feathers of regal beauty that are the eyes that see.  Time to open the magickal instrument of speech and let your truth ring through the Heavens like an Angelic harmony filling the skies with majesty and light.

There is never a song that is not meant to be sung; never a word that is not meant for utterance.  There is never a TRUTH not meant to be told or a story not meant to be read……by someone.  For someone.  There is a message for everyone that resides deep within the soul longing to be set free.  A dream waiting to be dreamed and a manifestation waiting to be birthed.

Never hide.  Never find yourself a quiet corner in the dark and sit, waiting for the light to shine on you.  You ARE light.  Illuminate your self and let it out as the night unveils her glorious blanket of stars.  Look inward to find that spark that smolders, waiting for a gentle breeze to blow upon it and ignite it into a glorious flame.  Let it burn so brightly that it cannot be contained, nor smothered, nor go unnoticed.

Be bold.  Be brave.  Step out and show your magnificence reclaiming and declaring to the Universe that you ARE here!  Make her say “I see you, beautiful soul and I honor your presence and place”.  She beckons to you; calls your name and coaxes you out of the dark.  She invites you to strut your colors and your royal plumes with the expectation of being visible.

Love yourself enough to know that you, like the regal bird, are enough.  That the beauty you have been given is meant to be admired, displayed and gawked at like an exquisite painting by Michelangelo or a Picasso.  Priceless beyond compare and larger than life itself.  BE who you were created to BE and let that TRUTH voice itself throughout eternity, reverberating through “time” and “space”; over past, present and future.

There is nothing more beautiful nor elegant as the TRUTH of who we are.  Even with what we perceive as our “flaws”, there is an inner beauty in everything that shines for those that are willing to look within and see.  Do not be afraid to look within.  What you will find is not “ugly” or “hateful” or to be despised.  It is to be loved, honored and cherished like a precious diamond.  It is a ruby in its brilliance and brighter than the Sun that shines in the day sky.  Adoration is NOT a bad thing when we see it from the perspective of the Creator of it….Let that be the gift of the Peacock to your soul that you would walk in etherial elegance and grace as you should.

BE the BEauty that is within.  BE the Light that shines outward, reaching across all there is and has ever been and shall ever be.

Love and Light Always ❤ ❤ ❤IMG_4459

“In the Beginning”

Its a full moon in Cancer tonight.  The stars are indeed brightly shinning.  There is a stillness in the air that even without winter’s snow, blankets the world in her peace and quiet.  It is the “end” of darkness, and the “beginning” of the return of the sun.  The longest night has passed and the Solar King is rising to herald the coming of the manifestations of birth and rebirth once again.  The Moon labors to bring forth the light and gives her energy to the planet, joining with the Earth Mother to call all things into creation and awaken them from slumber.

It is a time for reflection, introspection and solitude in allowing the voice of wisdom to speak forth her revelations of understanding.  She stands to orate the past as a beautiful lesson that we now keep as treasure in our box of jewels.  She encourages us to inhale that beautiful magick now a part of who we are and exhale that which we are no more.

They say that De Ja Vu is actually the Universe’s way of letting one know that their soul is precisely where it needs to be; that all is right in our world and that there is Divine Order to all things.  I struggled for years with this “phenomenon” trying to understand why this experience would happen to me so often and just what exactly did it mean.  Its taken a while (a long while) but I now have peace in the knowing of its interpretation and purpose.  Releasing those things which are no longer of service does not mean that we haven’t received from them well.  It does not mean that they have not done exactly what they were meant to do; brought US to exactly where we are supposed to be; intentionally guided US to this very point “in time”.

I no longer believe that “time” as we know it is what we think it to be; a perceived prison that holds us captive to ticking clocks and innumerable count downs that hasten our decisions and encourage our impulsiveness.  Instead, I now see that it is an illusion that constricts our abilities and gifts, intending to prohibit expansion and growth outside of what we can only see and hear in this plane.  The TRUTH that I see is that past, present and future all converge in one huge infinite movement of energy that transcends the boundaries we have been brainwashed into believing are real.

If we can look beyond these walls, we can see possibilities, probabilities and opportunities that are boundless.  We can see that there isn’t anything that we cannot accomplish or create in Love and Belief.  Maybe that is what Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice and all the traditions that are being celebrated are really all about.  The birth, life, death and rebirth of those possibilities and opportunities that continually beg US to bring them into manifestation beyond the limits of “time”.  Maybe that is where the concept of “timeless” resides; in the TRUTH that the continuity and eternity of Life are truly without end or beginning, but infinite and boundless.

The Child was born to a woman that lives still; a Goddess that continues to speak her message of Love and birth year after year after year.  The Child has grown into a man, and He too speaks relentlessly and ceaselessly His message of Love and Rebirth and Eternal Life.  And just as sure as these two incredible Spirits will sing the songs of Life another day, so too will the Sun rise again tomorrow followed by his setting and the rising of the Moon.  “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun”(Ecclesiastes 1:9).

I don’t think this verse was meant to say that there would never be anything “new”; that we would just continue to recycle the same “old” thing endlessly.  I think what may have been meant was to say that the message will always be the same because it is TRUTH.  That those things we learn, we have known before.  That what truly happens, that De Ja Vu, is indeed a gift telling the soul as it journeys that “Yes, darling… are on the right path.  You are headed in the right direction and everything is well in your world.  You have been here before and you are just now coming into remembrance of what you have already seen and heard and done in order to live it out, experience it and learn.”

We, as Divine Souls are indeed “in the beginning”; the Genesis of what will be.  We are coming into Being of that which we already are.  “That I AM and I AM that”.  We are awakening to the TRUTH that already speaks within and is coming out of slumber, darkness and obscurity into its fullness, just like tonight’s Moon.  We are seeing as if for the first time yet there is a great peace within that tells us “Ah, yes…..I remember”.  No more is there an eclipse covering our sight; no longer is the night something we can only wonder and muse at.  The Sun is rising in our hearts and minds and with it the bringing forth of a newness dawning with promise and infinite possibilities.

“Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light” (Eph 5;14).

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and Blessings of Love, Light and Peace in all that you celebrate.

Do you hear what I hear?

Good Morning.  This is my very first attempt at a blog, so I  beg your kind indulgence and acceptance of non-perfected pen to paper.  For some time now, I’ve felt moved to write the thoughts I receive; to let the “flow” and connectivity I feel come to life in the written word.  This blog will, if you choose to follow it taking this journey with me, reveal itself; unfolding like a flower in time lapsed photography.  It is a beginning, a middle and an end, yet they are entertwined like threads in a beautifully woven tapestry whose full beauty is yet to be revealed.  Where one starts another begins and ends.  

Sometimes, we need to step back away from what we’re looking at to really see the complete piece of artistry.  And quite often, we need to sit silent and still, meditating on the exquisite beauty before us for some time before we REALLY see what the Creator is trying to show us.  
In truth, I do not know that this blog’s path is a straight one from point A to point B; and I do know that there may be many stops along the way.  There may be many twists and turns, hills and valleys as well.  It may begin on planet earth, but it will also rise to dance among the stars. 

There are no rules and one is most welcome to see in it whatever beauty you find.  It is most definitely a work in progress, as am I. But then, that’s the whole point isn’t it.  All the little pieces of me will indeed be solidified into one glorious Creation in time that will reveal itself to us; you the reader as well as me.  I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me; climbing the mountains and reaching for the stars, walking in the valleys and resting in green pastures. 

And so it begins….

Do you hear what I hear?

I woke this morning to the beautiful song of the Universe as she was spilling forth her wisdom and light! I began journaling, and these lyrics came forward with a message to post this question as I was also asked “Do you hear what I hear?”.

I believe the Song of Life never ceases; that it is constantly looped throughout what we call time and space as a call to listen; to open our ears, our eyes, our hearts and minds to the beautiful choir of Truth and Unity that speaks for each and every living thing to hear! Even as we slumber, she sings us sweet lullabies as dreams. In her voice are words of encouragement, wisdom, understanding, joy, comfort, direction, healing, peace; whatever it is each needs to grow and awaken.

A Divine Inspiration, an intuitive whisper, a joyful exclamation: all are the Voice saying “listen”. Yesterday, I received this word “listen” and thought I’d gotten it’s message. I’d only begun to receive the magick this word holds!!!

When eyes are healed and ears are opened… There is no end to the wonder and the magnificence the Universe desires to share with us! Each Divinely inspired picture, lyric, thought is a word or words meant for us to see, listen to and understand in order to deepen our connection to all living things!

Today, open your hearts; let your eyes see and your ears hear. Let your mind receive the exquisite and brilliant light of the Divine’s Song of Life; there IS a word or two in there for YOU!!